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Are you a professional fashion designer?

Yes I am a professional, with learned degrees.

I am fat. Will I fit into the clothes and fashion you host?

Yes!!! You are not fat, you are just better than the others. We make clothes for all shapes and sizes. 

Do you make Bridal Wear?

Yes we do!! For Men, Women, Kids. 

How do I place an order for couture? I am not good with measurements.

Simple. Fill in the form on the Couture Page(custom made clothing). If you're doubtful about the measurements please contact us.

I don't have any designs and ideas of what I want to wear? 

No worries, we will design the outfit for you keeping style, comfort and cost in mind.

How long will it take to complete an couture order?

Not long! Our service is quick, but again depends on intense degree of work.

How will I pay for a couture order?

We will contact you regarding payment options.

Can a couture order be shipped to another country?

Yes! We do have international shipping.

I want to buy products from your website, is it safe?

Yes, very much. Our payment gateway is safe and trusted. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. Your data will NOT be saved. ZERO% fraud!!

I dont understand Bundle?

Bundle is a bulk ordering venture. You can order your own items of choice and we will help you make it. In case the form is troubling to fill you can always contact us. We promise to help you.  

How do I pay for Bundle?

We will get in touch with you regarding the bill amount and options for payment.

Have more Queries?

Write to us at couture@sonalimahala.com

Or call us on  +91 9741951940